Bamboo Initiatives is a CBO registered in Sonipat Haryana. It has a mandate to work nationwide though the current activities are based in Bankhedi tehsil in Madhya Pradesh. We work with other local NGOs, farmers and craft clusters. Focus of our activities in Madhya Pradesh are the thousands of tribal families belonging to Bansod Samaj that has traditionally been working with Bamboo as their primary livelihood activity  and the farmers of the region.

Bamboo Initiatives has recognized Bamboo as a critical national and natural resource. We recognize Bamboo can help us solve several of our current problems, those of climate change, environmental degradation, deforestation, biotic pressure on existing forest resources on one hand; and, rural livelihood, sustenance & continuation of traditional skills, preserving the culture and heritage on the other. Thus, we engage in working with bamboo in a tip to toe manner, right from setting up nurseries and plantations to many upstream activities like handicrafts, furniture making, housing, low cost poly-houses. We also, impart training to our brothers in villages in all these areas.

A little about the humble grass Bamboo: Bamboo happens to be one of the fastest growing plants on the planet earth. In fact, the fastest of the species can grow up to 1 mtr a day, such that you can practically see it grow. All the parts of the bamboo can be used in one or the beneficial activity. like, leaves for fodder and wine making, branches for staking and as wood, shoots from some species are edible and very high in nutritional content. Bamboo poles have in numerous uses across industries and there are almost 10,000 traditional and modern uses associated with bamboo.

Bamboo is found in most of the Indian States, yet the highest concentration of it is found in North Eastern India. There are millions of people in our country whose livelihood depends in one way or the other on Bamboo. Bamboo trade happens to be a prominent activity for states like Assam, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh etc.

Recently, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan has pledged to make Madhya Pradesh the Bamboo Capital of the country. And we hope to assist him in achieving this goal.